The history and historical photos of the Waushara County Fair was obtained through a special publication by the Waushara Argus in 1999. The story is written by Jonathan Gneiser.
A photo from the early Waushara County Fair Days. Pictured is Harry Paulsen
driving his team of horses - he showed his horses at the fair for a number of
years. Emil Jorgensen,Waushara County Agent is also riding on the wagon.

Midway Madness
The midway at the Waushara County Fair is always
a favorite of young and old.
The horse line up in the starting gates as the jockeys prepare for the race at a 1975 Waushara County Fair race.

Ed Regel and Jeff Gabrilska stand in front of the old Waushara County Fair barns with their Guernesy.

The Marion 4-H club created this float for a 1967 Waushara County Fair parade.

This 4-H float was in the 1963 Waushara County Fair parade.

The demolition derby provided thrills to a full grandstand and mobs of people around the track who rooted for their favorite local drivers as they crunched into each other. At the 100th annual Waushara County Fair, the derby was run by Lucky O'Hara and his crew.
Livestock were shown on the north end of Ste. Marie Street in Wautoma on the site of
the first wagon shops of John McKeague, for the very first Waushara County Fair.
Other exhibits, including fruits, vegetables and flowers, were shown at the courthouse
on Main Street, located west of the river. This photo of Ste. Marie Street in Wautoma was
taken in 1913, 55 years after the first fair was held Sept. 22 and 23, 1858.

Getting dizzy on purpose is the goal of this ride, which is as popular now as it was at the 1975 Waushara County Fair, when this picture was taken from the ferris wheel.

Chester Cate, Auroraville, was active in Waushara County activities in the 1940's and owns this Waushara County Fair license plate sign.

Jeff Gabrilska shows his blue ribbon Angus in front of the horse barns along the fence on the north end of the Waushara County Fairgrounds.

The 1997 Kids From Wisconsin performed at the Waushara County Fair in front of a packed grandstand. The 33 talented members from age 17-22 featured country western during part of their 1997 Waushara County Fair performance.

Charles Regel and Clayton Hanson walked with the Cross Country 4-H club in a 1963 Waushara County Fair livestock parade.

Horse racing was a popular even during the Waushara County Fair for many years.