TRACTOR RULES for Antique, Farm, & Open Class - Download Entry Form

 1.            All contestants (drivers) enter at their own risk.

2.            All contestants must be at least 16 years of age.  Contestants between the ages of 16 – 18 must have written permission from parents or guardians to drive.

3.            Driver must remain seated during the entire pull and operate tractor in a safe manner.

4.            Nothing can be added, or taken off after you are officially weighed in.

5.            If anything falls off tractor before hook is removed the drive is disqualified.

6.            Weights must be placed so as not to interfere with hook-up.

7.            All tractors must be equipped with workable rear wheel brakes.

8.            Only rubber tires permitted.  No four wheel drive allowed.  No dual tires, tire studs cut tires or chains are permitted on farm tractor’s steel wheels are allowed on Antiques.  All power must be transmitted through the wheels.  Any size tires are allowed.

9.            Unless there is a tie, only one pull per contestant in each class.

10.          Judges have the right to stop tractor at any time and their decision is final.

11.          Tractors shall be stopped immediately upon signal from the judge.  The pull shall be considered over when forward motion stops.

12.          Drawbar must be equipped with a twisted or pullers eye clevis with a 3” diameter opening & No Straight clevis Weights must be at least 6” above drawbar so tractor can be hooked safely.

13.          All tractors must be equipped with stock hood, grill, fenders and all wheels.

14.          The officials reserve the right to reject or disqualify any entry.

15.          No entry fee back after class has started.

16.          Shifting is allowed as long as forward motion is not stopped.

17.          Operator may change gear or shift weights within the first 100 feet.

18.          Track boundary violation occurs when any wheels of the tractor touch the side boundary line.  Pull will be measured from that distance if the driver stops promptly when flagged.

19.          Drawbar is a minimum of 18” from center of back axle and maximum of 20” high.  Anyone              pulling a tractor with a 2 or 3 point hitch will be disqualified if the hitch rises or changes position after start of pull.

20.          Weights not to exceed 24” in front of tractor.

21.          A tractor may enter only one class, and only once in that class.

22.          Any driver may be disqualified for adding weights, tampering with another tractor, or any act not in the best interest of the contest.

23.          Consumption of alcoholic beverages prior to pulling will mean disqualification.

24.          Tractor will be inspected to check for violations.

25.          A standard stock turbo and injection pump will be allowed in any open class.

26.          Stock farm classes are stock farm tractors only.  Stock Classes will be Dyno/d and reweighed

27.          Open classes are open to any tractor, but must have a kill switch & Cut Tires allowed

28.         All Farm & Antique Tractors Must have a working PTO. Permanent Throttle Stops are required.           No Vise grips allowed.

29.        All Antique tractors must be 1953 or older stock farm tractor

30.       Any series that started production in 1953 will be allowed to pull as long as that series was manufactured.

Note:  These rules are established to give every tractor entered an honest and fair chance of placing in its class.  Do not try to abuse these rules to gain a competitive edge.